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Getting Ready for Summer

So it’s June…

We’ve had a few bank holiday’s (which has been great, by the way) and a few spells of really warm weather too, winning!

Now it seems like the good weather is here to stay for a little bit, and we are actually going on holiday next month, it’s the perfect excuse to get shopping with some holiday preparation.
Next month in July, we will be jetting off on holiday with Ryans parents, sister and his sisters partner too which will be super exciting! Because I haven’t been on holiday for a good couple of years now, I have either thrown bits out because I don’t like them anymore, or they don’t fit me. So it was time to start Summer shopping!

I am starting with accessories at the moment, but don’t worry, clothing will be coming really soon too!

Anyone else a sucker for a pair of sunglasses? I have a real problem with collecting sunglasses, but I doubt I am the only one!
I will be using these 3 pairs this summer, which are all from Primark. £2-£3, you can’t go wrong! I love these styles, they are all different and unique. The first pair I am in love with. You may be thinking, heart shaped sunglasses, really Gemma? But I loved these as they are quite subtle, with no frames to make them a bold statement. They would look great with a more simple outfit, just to add a bit of jazz and cuteness.
The second pair are a lot more bolder, with a thick black frame in the cat eye shape. I’ve never had any like these before but has always seen other people rock these so well, so I have decided to give it a go!
And the last, but not least pair are a really good everyday pair. They can go with pretty much everything which are a definite winner for me!

Now for the questions you’re all asking…the bag! The bag is also from Primark, amazing right! The perfect Summer bag which are really on trend at the moment with the straw look effect. I thought this would be perfect for an everyday bag as it has a shoulder strap and is big enough for everything I would need for during the day during Summer.

SHOES. I have recently bought two pairs of new shoes which I thought would be perfect for the Summer, in England or abroad. The first pair as you can see are a little wild, but I love that. They definitely aren’t to everyones taste, but they are definitely to mine.
These are from Matalan, and I actually got them in a size bigger than my usual, mainly or the fact that I had to get my hand on them, but they actually fit me perfectly so it was definitely fate. Again, the straw look is very on trend right now and the pompoms just add that wow-factor. I could see these being paired with any little summer dress, or denim shorts, the perfect summer outfit!
The next pair, oh my goodness, how gorgeous are these?! I have seen so many youtubers I follow rocking these bejewelled sliders so I had to get my hands on them, and for £8 form Primark, I would get yourselves down there and grab a pair too! Perfect to pair with an evening look when you don’t want to wear heels, and I am definitely not a heel person so these are absolutely perfect.

If you would like me to keep you updated on the other accessories I will be purchasing for Summer, because I know I definitely will be! Then please let me know.

What is your favourite piece?

Love always, G x



  1. 3rd June 2019 / 6:22 pm

    Oh what a lovely blog post Gemma!! 🙂 love all the items you’ve featured! Loveeee those shoes!! X

    • Gemma
      3rd June 2019 / 8:07 pm

      Aww thanks Lily! I really wanted to get a blog post out so thought this was be cute hehe. Thanks so much!! xx

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