Travel Diary : Crete 2019

We haven’t bene on holiday, in what seems forever. After buying our first flat together things get tough and we were not able to save as much money! Which we knew would happen and to be honest, we didn’t really care as we worked so hard and saved so much for our lovely little home together, we were just so proud of it.

But towards the end of last year, we were getting twitchy, we needed a holiday!

We went away with Ryans family, so we went with Ryan’s mum & dad, sister, and his sisters partner too. So 6 of us altogether! I had never been away a group of people before, apart from school trips so I was so super excited.

We stayed at Coral Hotel in Crete, Greece and we went all inclusive. Because there was six of us we just thought this would be the easiest option as we wouldn’t have to worry about money most of the time, we could just help ourselves! I wasn’t complaining…All day ice-cream for free?Yes please.

The first few days of the holiday we just chilled by the pool, and would go for drinks in the town after dinner in the evenings. Bliss.

Our hotel was in the cliff, so we had gorgeous views of the pool, then overlooking the sea. It was honestly something you would find on a postcard (do postcards even exist anymore?!) Absolutely breathtaking.

After a few days, we then got brave and ventured a little bit, we went on pedalos!
Now, if you know me, you will know that I am a bit scared of the sea. (Maybe more than a bit…) I don’t really know what it is as I am a good swimmer, but I just don’t like to think what is underneath me, I guess it’s a fear of the unknown.
So I was a bit nervous to even go on pedalos incase we fell off, but I was told they never capsize which made me feel a lot more a ease.

Once we were out in the sea and I knew the feeling and what to do, I was loving it, I felt like Moana on her voyage! Although at one point we did go out quite far and I panicked and had to go back!

Whilst we were out there, we managed to do 2 trips! One day at the waterpark, and another to the Island of Spinalonga.

The waterpark was so much fun. Although I couldn’t go on everything as I wear contact lenses, I was really worried about losing my lenses on the rides, and I can’t see without them! But as soon as we found the rides where you sit in the rubber dinghy, I was happy.

We had so much fun here, it had so many different rides form the big flumes to the wave pool and kids area too. Very tiring though, but so worth it.

The day after that, we had another trip planned which was a short boat ride to the Island of Spinalonga, then another short ride to a teeny tiny beach where they did a BBQ on the beach, swimming in the sea, and then we headed back.

This was a lovely day, and I am so glad we did this! The Island of Spinalonga was so interesting, we had a tour guide for about half an hour, then we had free time to look around ourselves. The island is tiny and can we walked around in 20 minutes! It was so cute and had amazing views, but was very windy! The Island of Spinalonga if you did know, was where they would put people with the lepracy disease as they didn’t know if it was contagious, or how to cure it. So these people were kept there and weren’t allowed to leave. So it’s a very sad place with sad memories, but absolutely beautiful.

We had such an amazing week away, with amazing company. We definitely needed the break!

I miss the sun already, and my eyelashes! (ha ha)

Where have you bene on holiday this year, or do you have one booked? I can’t wait to have another one booked so we have something to look forward too!




  1. 3rd August 2019 / 8:44 pm

    You look amazing Gemma! What a lovely little blog post to remember your holiday! X

    • Gemma
      3rd August 2019 / 9:23 pm

      Thanks Lily! Just wanted to do a little post on it hehe 🙂 thanks for reading! Xx