What I think of ‘May Tea’

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I don’t really drink hot drinks. The furthest my hot drinks go is at winter, when Costa and Starbucks bring out their Christmas themed drinks, oh and hot chocolate!
I don’t drink tea or coffee, hot, anyway! Some people think I am totally crazy as they live on their tea and coffee, but there is just something about it I can’t hack.

However, my favourite drink ever is iced coffee! An iced caramel latte is my absolute favourite, and I think I am actually addicted to having it, yum! Even in the colder months, I will opt for an iced coffee rather than a hot one, call me crazy!

I have also always liked iced tea, Lipton Iced tea in peach to be exact, but apart from Lipton I haven’t really heard of many other iced teas out there, until May Tea very kindly contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out a couple of their flavoured iced tea.

May Tea is white and green tea infusion, and they currently have two flavours available, mango & peach and raspberry & lychee.

Firstly I love the packaging of this drink, it looks fun and fruity! I have tried both drinks, and can say they are both delicious! They are perfect when you really want a thirst quenching drink, the fruity flavours really come through without being too over powering.

I would definitely recommend trying these out if you love Lipton iced tea but would like another alternative, and in different flavours too.

May Tea is available in Morrisons and BP M&S, so what are you waiting for?! Go and grab yours now whilst the sun is still shining, I promise you won’t regret it!


*All items in this post were gifted*