How I Am Saving for Disney World

As many of you might know, me and Ryan are hopefully going to book a holiday of a lifetime! We are planning on going to Orlando, Florida next year to visit the Disney and Universal parks.

We are both super lucky as we were taken when we were children, I went when I was about 6 and 10. And Ryan had been with his family in 2010, but as you can imagine a lot has changed since then.

You might already know that I am totally obsessed with Disney, and I love theme parks, and so does Ryan, so for us to be able to go together would be a dream come true.

Disney is not cheap, it is expensive and there is no real way around it I find. Not if you want to make the most of everything while you are there! So we are saving like mad at the moment and I wanted to share with you some of the says I am trying to save at the moment, and you can use these tips for any kind of saving too!


My first tip is to really think about what you are spending you money on. Think to yourself – Do I really need that? Can I find it cheaper? Is it worth it? If the answer is no, then I won’t buy it, or do it. Is it worth it more than your dream holiday? Or what you are saving for?


My second tip would be to set a budget for the month. Work out all your bills and outgoings, and what you’re left with, budget it so you have a certain amount left over to go into your savings. A great way of doing this I find is using the app Monzo. My mum actually introduced me to Monzo, and I wasn’t convinced about it at first, but omg, now I can’t not use it, it’s amazing! Monzo is an app which you set up, and you get sent in the post a card, which you will now use as another debit card. What I do is, the money I have left over from my bills and outgoings, I will transfer into my mono account, and the money in there is my free money that I can do whatever I want with. It’s a great way to see what you have to spend for the rest of the month, and will save you going over into your money which should be for your outgoings.


Set up a savings pot. On Monzo, you can create different saving pots, which is one of my favourite things ever. I have 2 saving pots, one for Disney, and one for Hen Do’s, as I have 2 to go on next year! So I will transfer some money every month into these saving pots. It’s a great way to separate your money and clearly see how much you have for certain things. Also if you need to, you can withdraw money back out incase you get stuck, but you should try and forget about your saving pots and not dip and dive into them.


Again involving Monzo, you can get up Round Ups. I have set up on my Monzo app say if I spend £3.60 at Starbucks on a drink, 40p will automatically get put into my Disney savings pot. Round ups are a great way of saving, and really add up! You don’t even notice the pennies coming out of your account, but you can definitely see it adding up in your savings pot so this is such a great way to save a little bit more money. I do believe that some banks have this feature too on their apps so definitely have a look and check it out.


Use an old school money pot. We have a Disney Funds pot in our living room, so when either of us have a little bit of change, we will just pop it in there and hopefully see it add up over the next coming months. Again, this will really add up over time too! We even have a few notes in there which we thought we might waste otherwise, we even have a 5 euro note, and a few dollars which we found lying around!


Sell on eBay or Depop. Selling unwanted or unused clothes, makeup, home bits, or anything really is such a great way to make a little bit more extra money. I use both eBay and Depop, it depends what mood I am in really! I find it really works and helps you get that little bit of extra money. Just remember to add on your postage, as you don’t want to end up out of pocket because the postage isn’t correct! Trust me, I have learnt from this.


Do you ever feel bad as your friends want to meet up, they suggest going out for a meal, a few drinks, or even popping to the cinema? Without saying no as you are worried about spending the money. Why not suggest to your friends for them to come over to yours, buy a pizza instead of a meal out, have your drinks at home rather than a bar or nightclub, and watch a movie from home rather than going to the cinema! You will still have the same amount of fun, but without spending the extra money.

Saving money is hard, well  I find it hard. All the little things add up, and it took me a while to realise how easily they add up and how much money I was wasting, especially on things like coffee!

I hope these tips help you save for your holiday, maybe a new handbag or anything in general!

My main tip is to download Monzo, it has really changed the way I am saving and looking at my money so it has been a life saver for me.

Do you use Monzo? Let me know if you are going to give it a try!

Love always, G x