Who else here just loves Harry Potter? For me, they are the cosiest and warmest set of films you could ever watch. What I really love about the films, is that I feel like I grew up with the characters, so they really mean a lot to me in that sense!

I have been to the Warner Bros Studio Tour twice before, so this was my third trip! The first time I went with my partner Ryan, and we were in total amazement the whole time there! The second time I went with my mum, as she really wanted to go so it was a joint birthday/Mothers Day day out together which was lovely! And the third time, this time, I went with 3 of the blogger babe friends (who es, I met through the internet!) I can honestly call them some of my closest friends now, they are everything. I went with Gemma, Naomi and Holly!

Even if you don’t love Harry Potter, or you really like it but haven’t seen all the films, I really recommend it as a day out. We actually ended up being here for nearly 8 hours. 8 hours!!!

The tour is just amazing, mind blowing in fact! Every little detail that you probably wouldn’t even look at in the films, may have took hours or even days to create. And it definitely makes you want to re-watch all the films as soon as you get home!

Every time I have been, there has been something different to look forward to. The third time around, they had only recently added the Gringotts Bank part of the tour, which let me tell you was absolutely breathe taking!

It felt like I was really there, from the the visual effects, the lighting, the details, and the goblins!

It was great because Gemma had never been before, so I loved seeing her reaction to different parts of the tour, it was like going for the first time again!

From the start when you enter the Great Hall, the end with the humungus replica of the school, every second of it is amazing. And half way round, you can even take a break, have some food and a butterbeer!

I don’t like to give too much away, as I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t been but are looking to go. It is worth it.

Oh, and I can’t forget…the shop! The shop at the end of the tour is my favourite haha! The merchandise are absolutely amazing, really great quality, and so much that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else which I love.

I managed to only buy a glass (which we already had but I managed to smash it at home…) but I was very tempted by basically everything else! Of course we all tried on the classic robes, I tried on a Hufflepuff one as that is my house!

And how could I forget?! Holly made myself and Gemma the most beautiful vegan chocolate cup cakes I have ever seen, as of course, they were Harry Potter themed with the golden snitch on the top! Myself and Gemma were absolutely gobsmacked at how amazing they looked, and tasted! The best cupcakes I have every eaten are always the ones Holly makes, and they’re vegan!

Overall, I had the best day ever with these 3. I was with some of my favourite people, at one of my favourite places!

If you would like to see my vlog from our day together, you can watch it here.