Do you love stationary? I actually can’t think of one person who doesn’t like a bit of stationary…

Every year, I like to get myself a new planner or diary, so I can plan my months and weeks. Because I film YouTube videos and write blogs, it’s a great way to plan my content for the upcoming months. I think I have got through so many throughout the years!

I was very kindly gifted a 2019/2020 Goals planner by CGD London and I think I am actually obsessed with it! 

I have been using it everyday since I have received it, to plan my content for the rest of the year, as I can use the rest of 2019, and then use it all 2020 too which is so handy.

So what I love, is that there is a full double page of the whole month ahead, so you are able to see the month clearly, and you can also write down your goals for the month which I think is so great! It’s a great way to plan the overview of your month.

Then over the page you have each week set out over the double pages, Monday-Sunday and by each hour too. So you can plan your weeks in a lot more detail, to the hour! There is also a To-Do and Goals section to help you get everything you plan to do, done.

Towards the back of the book there is a bigger To-Do section so you can really focus on making some lists of things you need to do, and it’s so satisfying to tick the things off that you’ve done.

I absolutely love this book, it’s so handy to keep on you, put appointments and scheduled plans in and keep on top of your week!

I don’t know what I would do without mine now, and it’s so great as it will see me going through the whole of 2020 too!

This book is a great Christmas present who anyone who loves being organised, planning or if anyone just loves stationary! You can find the planner here.
Something else which I think you will love about the planner is that the black leather is vegan friendly, so it really is perfect for anyone!

You can use the code’ GEMMA15‘ for some money off your purchase.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Love always, G x

*Contains gifted item*