Oh hello there!
Welcome to my new adventure.

I think we have been in lockdown now in the UK, for 4 weeks? I am losing count and track of the days! But at the beginning of the week we were told by the government we would still be in lockdown for at least another 3 weeks.

So whilst being in lockdown and quarantine, I have had a lot of extra time to think (like everyone else!) And I have been thinking a lot recently about my content and what I am sharing. Blogging and Youtube is my little hobby, my own little bubble. I really want to post more about what is really me, and show off my personality and passions.

So here’s to my new chapter! The start of more ‘me’

So you might be thinking what is this new content?

So there are three aspects to my content which you will see from now on..




I know most of my content has been beauty and lifestyle, and I am still going to keep a little bit of the lifestyle aspect as I really enjoy vlogging, especially for memories! And writing about where I have been etc.

Disney will not be going anywhere. Disney is a big part of my life, I have been brought up around Disney and it will always be with me. I am planning on vlogging our trip to DisneyWorld at the end of the year (fingers crossed) So expect to see a lot of Disney in the future!

And what I mean by Halloween, is I love creepy, and spooky things! I am planning on creating content that is focused on Halloween, crime and maybe thriller and horror reviews too! You probably know that I am obsessed with anything Tim Burton too.

I just really want to show more of what I enjoy and what I am into. So I hope you guys are excited or a bit of a re-brand and new content!

I am obsessed with my new artwork which the lovely Ellie from @spitspotsparkle created for me ♥︎

What do you guys think?

So guys, there is my little update! I hope you are excited for the new content and little change from me. I am super excited to get into it and get going with it all, I just thought I would do a little update for you guys so you know what is going on and what to expect. ♥︎

Loads of love, G x

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