10 things I am craving whilst in lockdown

We have been in lockdown now for 3 months, 3 months and counting. Who knows when it will end and we can go back to normality, go back to seeing our friends and family without social distancing, when we can go back to work, shopping, go on holiday and so much more!

There are a few things which I have been really craving recently whilst being in lockdown, and I can’t wait to get out and do when I can. My number one on the list would have been to have a Starbucks or Costa drink, but the drive thru’s are now open so that’s amazing!

  1. First and foremost, seeing my family & friends in normality. As it stands, you are allowed to see one other person out of your household, and you have to stay 2 meters apart always, and for it to be outside. This of course allows you to at least see people, but not being able to hug, touch, or go anywhere with them still really sucks.
  2. I am really missing going to the cinema! I am somebody who loves going to the cinema, I love the popcorn and tango ice blasts, sitting in the dark and experiencing a (hopefully) great film with all the cinematics. It makes me sad when I think of all the films which have been pushed back, or didn’t get the time they deserved in the cinema because of COVID-19. So as soon as we are allowed to go to the cinemas to see our favourite films again, you bet i’ll be there.
  3. Afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is honestly one of my favourite activities, is it even an activity? I love everything about it! The mini sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream (drool) and the cute mini cakes. I love how aesthetically pleasing it all looks too! Again, as soon as I can I will be going for an afternoon tea I have always wanted to do. I would love to go to The Sanderson and have the Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea. But for the mean time I will have to make shift my own afternoon tea at home…
  4. I am missing going shopping! Don’t get me wrong, I have done quite a bit of online shopping, amazon has been my best friend! But I miss actually going to the shops, to the little independant local shops, and to the shopping centres.
  5. Driving. Believe it or not I have missed using my little car! Because I am working from home, the only place I have driven to in the last 3 months is to the supermarket and back, and it’s only up the road! I miss longer drives, with the window down and singing some of my favourite songs.
  6. Eating out. We don’t normally eat out very often, but when we do I love it! Good food, good company and different scenery. Food is always so much nicer when you’re not the one who cooked it, am I right?!
  7. Going to the gym. Now I never thought this would be something I would say. But I am kind of missing going to the gym. Get your tunes pumping and just being in your own little bubble getting a sweat on. I have been going running every few days whilst in lockdown, which I have been surprisingly enjoying. But it will be good to get back into the gym, especially when the weather is not so nice!
  8. Even just going to see my friends, ordering a take away and watching a film, we can’t do that. And that is something which I love doing more than anything. I am very much an introvert, so staying in with my faves, being all cosy watching and film with snacks is one of my favourite ways to spend an evening. To substitute this in lockdown, I have facetimed a few friends which has been lovely, but it just isn’t the same.
  9. Wearing normal clothes. I have been absolutely living in loungewear or pyjamas! Anyone else?! I loved it at first, and still am, but I really miss putting a little more effort in the way I look, even if it was just to pop into town for the afternoon.
  10. And finally, I am just really missing normality now. I think after realising that this wont be a quick fix, and social distancing will be around for a while. Who know when we will be able to do the above things i’ve mentioned? Our way of living will certainly change for a while, so it will be a huge sigh of relief when we can get back to normal once more.
    Of course I miss my baby girl Wilma too, but now I can see her for walks♥︎

It really feels like we are living in a movie at the moment, and it feels crazy that we just can’t go out and do the things which i’ve mentioned above.

What are you craving or missing the most whilst being in lockdown?

Even though I am missing a lot of things, I am also using this time wisely. I’ve learnt more about myself, trying to work on me, and it’s really made me think whats important, and what i’m grateful for in life. Life really is too short! You do you.

Speak to you guys soon! Gemma 🤍


    • Gemma
      25th May 2020 / 11:11 am

      Hopefully we will get to do them soon! Thank you for reading 🤍

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