The Winnie the Pooh bag you NEED

If you didn’t already know, Winnie the Pooh is one of my favourite characters of all time, he really means a lot to me and holds a special place in my heart.

When I was growing up Winnie the Pooh was always around, he is my mum’s favourite!

SO just as the UK went into lockdown in March, myself and my friend Rachel noticed the most beautiful Winnie the Pooh bag ever online at the ShopDisney website, for the USA. Ever since we first laid eyes on it on the website, we were seeing it everywhere. I don’t know about you but I think it’s a sign?!

We saw it so much on Instagram, of people styling it, flatlays and taking him out and about.

Myself and Rachel decided we needed him (😂 )

Rachel has some friends that live in America, so the plan was to order the bags, get them sent to her friends, then Rachel was going to Florida she would then pick them up! But due to COVID, the holiday didn’t happen and our Pooh bags were at her friends with no way of getting to us. Because of the current situation, the postage to send the bags at the time was ridiculous!

So we waited….and waited….until finally (a good few months later ) the prices to send internationally had dropped so they were shipped to the UK!

Rachel received both the bags, and then she sent mine on to me! I could have cried when I opened it up, he was beautiful!

I know he is just a bag, and a bag I probably will only use at Disney or for special occasions as he is very out there! But I love him, and so does Rachel. He is a bag that I know I will keep for the rest of my life and pass down.

The material is so soft, and fluffy, you could even use him as a pillow! He is also much bigger and has a lot more room in it than I initially thought which is so fab! The detail of the keyring, the strap and handle and the lining inside is just gorgeous and really makes him that much more special and high quality.

I know he isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine! But he means so much to me 💛  I am so happy he is in my collection and it was definitely worth the long wait throughout lockdown to finally receive him!

Does anyone else have a special bag that means a lot to them? Let me know below so I know i’m not the only one 🙈

Love always, G x

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