80’s fashion vibes from Stephen King’s, The Shining

I first watched The Shining not that long ago, maybe just under a year? I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it sooner as it is such a classic horror film, I love Stephen King and I love horror films, so these two put together were the perfect match!

When I first watched the movie, I instantly fell in love with the plot, the story line, the setting, the characters and the music. The music actually really stood out to me when I watched it for the first time, and now whenever I think of the film, I instantly think of the music they used, the sharp, high pitched ringing sounds that really helped set the mood and tone of the film.

On to their outfits/costumes, which is what I really wanted to talk about.

Danny in particular.

The Shining was set in the 80s, and made in the 80s, so of course it was going to have a 80s vibe, which I absolutely love in this film. The costumes for all the characters were really spot on, and the two which stood out especially for me, were Wendy and Danny’s.

The clothes which the character Wendy ( mum of Danny ) wore, would honestly be something I would wear today and I absolutely love it, maybe I will do a blog post on this another time… But I really wanted to focus on Danny’s clothes in this post.

First off, how cute is he?!

He is such a sweet, timid boy, who doesn’t want to cause any trouble. And also very calm!

So in one of the first scenes of the movie, Danny is shown at his home with his mum and dad, and he is talking to ‘Tony’ in the mirror. If you haven’t seen the film, this wont be a spoiler at all, and I definitely recommend you going to go and give it a watch!
Danny’s t-shirt here actually had Bugs Bunny on the front of it, which I thought was a great touch as in the movie they called him ‘Doc’ (like Bugs Bunny does!) We would now call this a vintage tee, but in the 80s it was very much in fashion. I love the block colours, it looks very American, with the blue, white, red and with the stars. He has his top tucked into his jeans, with his jeans being quite high rise, and using a belt to hold it all together. I noticed that this particular belt has a pattern on it which is almost identical to the carpet in the classic scene of Danny riding his bike through the hallway’s of the hotel. This is a great touch that not many people would notice.

Onto this classic scene.

This film is known for the scene of Danny riding his bike through the halls of the hotel, on this particular carpet, in this particular outfit. I absolutely love the outfit he is wearing here, classic denim dungarees, with a red jumper (a lot of the props/scenery in this film are red) and one of his classic shirt collars peeping through. Oh and with red Converse too!
This again is a very vintage outfit to us now, and something a lot of people would wear. Especially with his Converse as, as we know Converse are very much still in fashion. It’s such a classic 80s look, and I love the contrast between the red in Danny’s clothes, with the red and orange colours of the carpet. Danny’s bike is also red and blue, which matches his look and ties everything in perfectly.

Again, we are seeing this classic carpet from the film which is oh-so famous now.

Danny is seen wearing a pair of denim jeans, a knitted jumper, and again a shirt collar peeping through his jumper, which is actually a very similar pattern to the arm chairs you can see in the background.

There has been a-lot of talk about the jumper that Danny is wearing here, firstly, it’s extremely cute! And looks super cosy (what we all would want). But there are a lot of conspiracy theories around this jumper. The theory is that Kubrick ( the director of the film ) is hinting at his involvement with the ‘fake moon landing’ project with Apollo 11. I won’t go into detail about that at this time, but it definitely is very interesting to read and hear about, and there are a lot more clues throughout this movie which contributes to this theory also. One for all you conspiracy theory lovers to delve into!

The last outfit I am going to talk about Danny wearing is this one, his Mickey Mouse jumper. First of all I think it is a super cute jumper, and definitely something I would wear now! (of course! haha ) But there is a bigger meaning to this jumper than what first meets the eye. This image of Mickey Mouse comes from an old show called Touchdown Mickey, and is in connection with WWII. Danny’s posture is the spitting image of goose-stepping soldiers from the invasion of Poland. So again, a much larger background as to why Danny is wearing this jumper and what it means. I love it when you find out hidden messages through films and movies, I find it so fascinating.

So there you have it, a breakdown of Danny’s outfits from the hit horror movie The Shining. Please let me know if you would like me to do a similar post on Wendy’s outfits too, it would be good to compare them both. I love talking about this movie, Stephen King is a fabulous horror writer, and they have portrayed the story into a film so well.

Have you seen Doctor Sleep? It is a modern sequel of The Shining and the story is Danny as a grown man, and he goes back to the hotel!

Let me know if you liked this style of blog post and if you would like me to do more. I really enjoyed writing this one! 🖤

Love always, G x

* Disclaimer – these photos are not my own, and are from Google images. 




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